• Righteous - A mashmarket venture


Viiskulma 9.11.-11.11.2006

Mashmarket is our venture to establish a downtown institute of street culture in Helsinki. Mixing the influences from established international names to local creative community we pursue next levels with some unpredictable results in form of products, documents, displays, exhibitions, meetings and whatnot. Our aim is to contribute this worldwide
subculture by providing a fertile meeting point for individuals of high standards from different areas and backgrounds.

We now proudly present our first showcase named “Righteous”, a blend of pop up store and gallery. Rare pieces of artwork and product make up a mosaic following various subcultures’ path all the way from miniscule
countercultural resistance force to their trendsetter status today.

We bring on a gathering of local and foreign friends, companions and influences from the past years. Along their uncompelled working methods and outlets has come international fame as well as commercial success, but
it has not let them forget to stick to their alternative authentic roots. This dizzy field between authenticity and commercialism is also focused in Mashmarket’s catalog, comprised of autonomous actors on the flip side of mainstream.

Collaborating with NikeSB, lifesaver records, Numero magazine and Njoicolab creative collective, we feature bits and pieces e.g. from New York, London, Amsterdam and Helsinki.


Freeman, Miika Saksi, Leo Karhunen, Pablo Steffa, Kaarle Hurtig, Tuomas Tofferi, Ropeman and Jani Tolin from Helsinki; Also known as, Urban Arts, Mishka, Reason and Rockers from NYC; Pieter Parra and Rockwell from
Amsterdam as well as Answer and Twelvebar from London.