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Salla Järvinen


Uudenmaankatu 8.8.-19.8.2007

Salla Järvinen
Rock Paintings
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

Is it the quartz crystals glittering on the rock face that make the light shine brightly deep inside the rock? Or is the glow coming from within the red warmth in the bowels of the earth? Painting makes the hard rock become a curtain of light, providing a hint of what exists in the rocky depths. A puddle is a secret window into a hidden world.

Salla Järvinen’s paintings have been inspired by the cliffs of the Finnish archipelago. In her pictures, feelings and sensations are being transmitted by the landscape. In the larger paintings the landscape is rather abstract – the starting point can only be seen as the directions and rhythm of free painting. However, the same longing as in the more figurative works can be sensed – the longing for the deep, shining world in the depths of the earth.

Contact info: Salla Järvinen, tel. +358 400 616428