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Saku Kämäräinen


Huuto IV 8.6.-2.7.2023

Saku Kämäräinen
8.6. – 2.7.2023

KUOLEMA is a one-hour video work that includes all my unreleased songs from a period of ten years. A few years ago, I was very ill and when I got my diagnosis, my first thought was:
“What is going to happen to all my unfinished songs?” For some reason, one of my greatest concerns at that moment was that the songs would just stay on hard drives forever. So I started to develop a way to “release” them from the hard drives. This resulted in the work that covers a period of ten years from the time I started to make music to the moment I got my diagnosis. This takes one hour and includes 183 songs. One second corresponds to one day in my life. The songs start playing on the day they were made and are played at a normal speed from beginning to end. At the beginning, there may only be a couple of overlapping songs, but towards the end there are several because every year I have become more and more active.

The video part consists of an accurate spectrogram, creating a visual representation of the audio in real time, as well as the working titles and creation dates of the songs.

The songs playing at the same time may seem chaotic at first, but if you give it some time, the waterfall-like soundscape may offer a hypnotic and captivating experience.The work is a journey, in which the amount of audio content and visual stimuli increase towards the end.

Saku Kämäräinen

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