• Samppa Törmälehto

Samppa Törmälehto

Samppa Törmälehto

Viiskulma 22.6.-10.7.2005

All of my paintings are separate and independent pieces of art which have their own story to tell. They can also be construed as one entity. All of thestories are not too clear or understandable but in my opinion they don´t always need to be like that.

Themes of my art are around urban asphalt reality and city nature (small animals, trees, bushes) that is left to smaller attention. An object in my painting can be something simple like a sparrow on a stump. Often there´s somekind of a situation or incident going on in my paintings. These events can be some small gestures (like a bird eating a worm) and sometimes the actual thing is just about to happen. My paintings are not trying to tell how things are or how they should be. They are more like some cut out scenes from movies, the ones where something went drastically wrong, or the camera didn´t make it to join the picture.

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