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  • Sirpa Särkijärvi
  • Sirpa Särkijärvi

Sirpa Särkijärvi


Viiskulma 25.5.-5.6.2005

It is increasingly difficult to form an objective image of the self in our ever faster transforming reality. Self-image is changed and defined by the encounters with surrounding reality and self-reflection. I study the different formations of self-image in my work through, among others, the following themes:

THE SENSITIVITY TO EXPERIENCE: When anything is felt. Sensitivity is not innocence, but ultimate aware-ness. Introversion and lack of self-criticism prevent seeing reality clearly.
GROWTH: Getting past overwhelmingly different world views, respecting other people, their views, choices and deci-sions is often possible only through force of collision.
THE SIGNIFICANCE OF MEMORIES IN THE PRESENT MOMENT: The feeling of security created by memories is needed in midst of a life where nothing can be trusted and everything is constantly changing.
THE NATURE OF THE LAPP: Centuries of marginal existence have produced the Northerner’s modesty, discom-fort when faced with the spotlight, bad self-esteem and a tradition of belittling.
SENSE OF PROPORTION: Aspects of happiness can be found in the smallest everyday things.

I also use silk-screen printing techniques, mixed techniques and collage materials in my paintings. The serigraphy series were made on Japanese paper stretched on canvas. Stylistically my pieces mix the use of strong colours characteristic to the Lappish art heritage as well as the images and methods of modern art.

Sirpa Särkijärvi

Thanks: The City of Turku