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Anni Laakso


Uudenmaankatu 6.2-17.2.2008

Anni Laakso
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

The works on display are three-dimensional ones, the starting points of which have been methods of social control and marginalizing, such as control of space and the body. In the finished entity, control and ways of objecting to it are mingled with and included in each other. My works are built of material I find – of that I create, with my own logic, new kinds of spaces.

In today’s society, the over-emphasizing of commercialism keeps vandalizing private and public spaces. The communal spaces and premises, meant for everybody, are disappearing – they’re only seen as something that needs to be made productive.

Architecture, zoning, and increasing control are means of rooting out everything creative and collective. Increasing control aims only at securing capital and private ownership. Almost every section of the society takes part in controlling and marginalizing: Schools, social services, the police and the media.

Spending time in a non-productive manner in public premises is undesirable. The non-productive and the poor are being left out, without any social rights. Spontaneous activities are often regarded as crime or living as a parasite.

I like to thank Arts Council Finland and Svenska Kulturfonden for support