• Iida Nikitin
  • Far away - so close: Camping in the United States
  • Far away - so close: Camping in the United States
  • Far away - so close: Camping in the United States
  • Far away - so close: Camping in the United States



Viiskulma 5.8.-23.8.2009

If a spectacle turns out to be a myth during the disintegration of a certain time and place into several points of view about “real” sensations, then how can a sensitive and transparent general view of the present situation ever be constructed? Or is there even a need for this?

The freedom provided by the collapse of a single idea into continuous motion and pondering about what is good, beautiful, and ”real”, has made things and experiences feel like a process; like openness to everything and yet nothing in particular. It has led up to a state of confusion where nothing can be taken for granted. Both impermanence and the constant collision of different ideas create potential for interacting and seeing further.

What about a general sensation of confusion and disintegration? When nobody and nothing seem to mean anything anymore, can it be understood merely as formal diversity? Is social and political goodwill needed from everyone in order to stop the abuse?
The idea of diversity often seems like an empty mantra; not because it does not matter or because it would make definitions commonplace; but because it often feels like it has become a single idea, or a single way of seeing several things – the conclusion in question serves as evidence. There are attempts to communicate between cultures and communities. Yet the feeling of separateness, as well as the criticism allowed by it towards different views, is simultaneously being standardized.Could the temporary nature of things have been left unnoticed after all? Let us imagine that the society faces a crisis and there is a need to establish new methods.

Could this be a chance for a process-like encounter between the four corners of the world, or for defining the bigger picture in a whole new way?

The exhibition is versatile in form, but all the images are linked, and in constant motion. I am interested in mountains as symbols for homelessness. A construction on the Earth; a construction in a landscape with a horizon; a triangular form; a peak; action from down to up and up to down; weight and weightlessness. A dramatic, commanding, monumental sight that causes the sensations of smallness, uneasiness, and weakness in the visitor – but also the sensation of presence in a common space in the midst of all conflicts. You cannot cross it, go under it, or bypass it; you must go through it. It is all about being confused, uneasy, far, present, and in mortal danger.

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