• (Hidden) I
  • a reflection (of you)
  • Hanami
  • Sunken Warrior

Virve Lukka


Uudenmaankatu 31.7.-18.8.2013

Virve Lukka
Galleria Huuto, Uudenmaankatu

The paintings of the “Spectrum” series have been influenced by the colours of the spectrum, kirlian photography, additive and subtractive colour mixing. The faces in the paintings hide behind masks, reflect landscapes or become part of them. The eyes expand into horizons or the figure becomes part of the surroundings, its’ profile dissolving.

“(hidden)” is a series of drawings that combines coffee and water colour stains with pencil drawings of eyes that were found in commercials and a psychological test for recognizing emotions. The stains form an organic frame around the eyes. The drawings might lead you to reflect on different values; religious, emotional or humanitarian. Or maybe simply show the presence and vulnerability of another human being.

The exhibition includes acrylic paintings and drawings from 2013.