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  • Status Epästabiili
  • Status Epästabiili


Performance in Jätkäsaari opening on Friday 24 October, at 6:15 p.m. (duration about 13 minutes)

STATUS UNSTABLE is based loosely on true events and reflects the arbitrarity and variability of human life, on the other hand it also just celebrates life’s absurd greatness.
Status Unstable navigates on the outskirts of society with country accompaniment and through metamorphosis into public officer reality flavored by North-Korea influenced rhythm music. The question is (and shows): what are people’s changing roles and positions in society like, and what happens when coincidence comes into the picture? Finally, as struck by lightning, public officers hatch into divine pantyhose creatures, who, while dancing space disco, pursue connection with unknown civilizations of outer space.

Performers: Anna Savolainen, Hanna Salokorpi, Kukka-Maaria
Vuorikoski, Liisa Heikinheimo, Nelli Enqvist, Sonja Salomäki ja Suvi Korhonen
Choreography: Työryhmä, Favela Vera Ortiz
Music: Lari Latvala, Matti Westerlund, Kaapo Virolainen
Production, original idea: Sonja Salomäki

Supporters: Svenska Kulturfonden, Helsingin Kulke