• Corinna & Scott Weiner

Corinna & Scott Weiner

Stealing my Cherry

Viiskulma 26.4.-7.5.2006

Scott Weiner grew up in Chicago, USA where he graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago in 1989. He has travelled and lived throughout Europe and completed his master studies at the University of the Arts Berlin where he met Corinna Weiner. He lives and works in Berlin.

Corinna Weiner was born in Berlin and studied at the University of the Arts Berlin and the New York Studio School, New York City. She graduated from the University of the Arts in 2003 and won the award “Kunstpreis Berlin” by the Academy of the Arts in 2005.

Stealing my Cherry

The two artists are not only sharing a studio in Berlin but entered an artistic dialogue about personal reality and perception when they began working there. Often working on similar subject matter such as nudes, landscapes and fractions of bodies they both present a unique viewpoint on the subject while often making reference to or sometimes even being ironic towards the other’s position.
Scott Weiner’s artistic roots are to be found in abstract painting which influences greatly his way of dealing with figurative themes. While his images show the body as a monument and depict the particularity of the human species and its visual extremes, Corinna Weiner uses a cinematic moment to explore her protagonists’ inner motivations, fears and passions.
The title Stealing my Cherry refers to their work process in two ways: Stealing the other’s favourite ideas- a process which happens either consciously or subconsciously when working on similar themes- like a forbidden fruit. Stealing somebody’s cherry is an English saying for taking his/her virginity. By adopting each other’s themes the subject is often seen in relation to the other one’s perspective. It looses its virginity. The experience becomes a second hand experience.

We see this exhibition as a great chance to present our work to the Helsinki art scene as well as the general public and intensify our existing dialogue with Finnish artists.