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  • Kaisa Jussila
  • Kaisa Jussila
  • Kaisa Jussila

Kaisa Jussila


Viiskulma 25.6.-6.7.2008

The Hidden Ones

Kaisa Jussila lets her hand take control and rip the veil off the hidden. The time of being shy is over. Animals speaking the language of the subconscious and dreams and the human-like figures that stay hidden behind some kind of a veil begin to get realistic characteristics for the first time. They also start demanding attention.

The works break the surface of powerful symbols like the ice in the well. Suddenly, you have to face a living personality; a private landscape that has been hidden.

In ’A Frosty Day’ liberation manifests itself in opening up: a luscious braid, just about to unravel, slips out from within a cape. The tinted cheeks and the warm, patterned mittens take the female figure within reach. The frost wakes the skin up, and that is not the end of sensations.

In ’The Diamond Hunters’, human hands search the stars, diamonds, feelings that were thought to be lost – the hands are just a shade from each other.

Jussila’s new graphic works make dreams and myths come true. Creatures of the subconscious become one. It emerges from the depths and wants to take a breath; to open its lungs and eyes to the world.

Text by writer Essi Henriksson

The exhibition has been kindly supported by the Oskar Öflund Foundation.

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