• Dace Lucia Kidd: SHAUSMAS
  • Dace Lucia Kidd: SHAUSMAS (horrible)
  • Edgars Mucenieks: Fragile Question
  • Luce: Himmelreich
  • Martins Rozenfelds: Bananaman
  • Martins Rozenfelds: Still Life

Octopus Art Projects

Take Me Out

Jätkä 2 4.12.-21.12.2014

Octopus Art Projects
Take Me Out
Huuto Jätkäsaari 2
4 – 21 December 2014

Our galleries are open normally from 12 to 5pm on Independece day December 6th.

For the exhibition “TAKE ME OUT” five Latvian artists of different age and experience have created works to encourage viewers to pay attention to their own imagination, searching for explanations to what they see. Emphasizing language connotations, the artists in their works analyse themes, mostly based on personal experience. Focusing on individual experiences, the exhibition will reflect on aspects related to psychological, emotional, historical and social environment.

The artworks raise questions about oneself as a person, surrounding environment and belonging to certain groups. Undoubtedly, correlations not only between artworks and their placement in the room, but also between artworks and their viewers become important. Spectators are called to participate by using the exhibition as a playground. Ways of participation in the game can be different – with body movements, touches and interpretations of meanings of the works. Mysticism and ignorance are an integral part of the game. The exhibition focuses on a viewer’s individual interpretation of an artwork, according a central role to it rather than to the art objects themselves. Organizing the exhibition, the key focus was targeted on senses and visual impact on viewers. Manner and form of presentation of these artworks extends from aesthetically harmonious and romanticized structured to very dynamic and sometimes even provocative style of presentation.

The title of the exhibition emphasizes not only positions of viewing, but also encourages spectators to respond and to take an active participation; this way – this is a call to a process of action and a real move, which means a potential shift of a focal element from object to subject. This happens regardless of whether the statement TAKE ME OUT is interpreted a request or a demand. The title pervades an emphasis on two individuals leading to apprehension of communicative distance or – on the contrary – to a close tie and search of a prototype of the other person. This is to highlight such concepts as “manipulation”, “responsibility”, “trust” and “duty” used to appeal to categories of morality of viewers and the society.

Psychological values, judgments about norms accepted by the society and systematic compliance with these norms enveloped in the narratives are topical issues the artists are also preoccupied with. Artworks feature search of way-out from conventions and norms that are regarded as self-evident; that is – a discussion about breach of the status quo. There’s no escape from various conflicts and interactions of contradictory views when meeting traditional way of thinking.

The art exhibition will display paintings, installations, art works of object and figurative sculptural groups created specifically for this exhibition.

Originally Octopus art projects which was formed in 2010 as an informal group of artists later grew into an art society that brings together both artists and supporters of art processes. Its members share similar views and modern thinking. The society executes cultural and, mainly, contemporary art projects targeted at different disciplines and trends. The society has carried out local and international art and cultural projects in Riga, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Milan and Venice.

About artists:

Luce, born in 1959, Latvia. Lives and works in Latvia. International shows from 2007 in Latvia, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, China and Russia. Works with painting, printmaking, video, performance and installation. Materiality plays a significant role in his works. His practice ballances on borders between mediums.

Edgars Mucenieks works with painting, land art, performance, installation and video. Have had solo and group shows in Latvia, Finland, Slovenia, Netherlands, Germany and Italy. Graduated MFA in Latvian Art Academy, since 2010 studies at Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy for Doctoral degree.

Dace Lucia Kidd, born in 1987, Latvia. Lives and works in USA and Latvia. In 2011 graduated BFA from Latvian Art Academy, 2008-2009 studied in Accademia di belle Arti Palermo, Italy. Creates objects and installations from drawings and photographs, often uses text and stencil, makes videos, animation and monochrome paintings. Solo shows in Latvia and USA, group shows in Latvia, USA, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey and Italy.

Sarmite Caune, born in 1961, Latvia. Lives and works in Latvia. Studied pedagogy in Latvian Art Academy (1981-1987), since 2007 member of Latvian Artists’ Union. Works with various painting techniques, installations and environmental objects. Have had solo shows in Latvia, Lithuania, Germany and Italy. Participated group shows in Latvia and Germany.

Martins Rozenfelds, born in 1989, Latvia, since 2013 studying in KUVA for MFA in Sculpture, patricipating in art exhibitions since 2007. Have shown his work in Latvia, Germany, Estonia, Belgium, Poland and Finland. Works in particularly realistic figurative sculpture technique, have done installations, environmental objects, and participatory projects.

The exhibition is supported by State Culture Capital Foundation, Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme and
Liepaja municipal institution “Culture Department”

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