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Viiskulma 13.9.-24.9.2006

My working is based on free associations. The drawings of my exhibition are born without sketches or other plans. This method of
working gives results that surprises also me in the end. My intention has been to penetrate into the chaotic world typical for psychotic
people. In my drawings there are also similarities with dreams that contain lots of information as well as a simultaneous drive to cover it. The drawings are formed in the depths of the human personality where harmony and beauty melt together in their most extreme opposite to represent the forces of life and death. It is possible to find bisexual combinations of male and female in the figures of the drawings. The whole picture is filled with forms. This might make it difficult to view the image as unity and it might open up better fot the viewer if they are studied detail by detail as if they were stories. These stories tell about our common world where we through the fantasy about happiness, with all our powers try to get some order in chaos and confusion. In best case maybe my drawings can work as mirrors showing the emperors in their new clothes.