The applications for the exhibition seasons autumn 2020 and spring 2021 have all been addressed and the applicants have received the replies. We thank you for your applications! Next application period will take place in spring 2020.

Call for exhibitions in autumn 2020 and spring 2021 is now closed. We want to thank everyone for your exhibition proposals! We received a large number of them and have now begun our assessment. We will contact everyone who applied with the results within the next month. The exhibitions will be chosen by a panel consisting of Galleria Huuto member artists. The panel is made up of different members for each round.

Call for exhibitions in autumn 2020 and in spring 2021 is now open, closing date September 23rd 2019.

Galleria Huuto is located in central Helsinki, Eerikinkatu 36 / Kalevankatu 43. The gallery has four exhibition spaces:

Huuto I, Huuto II, Huuto III, three different spaces varying in size, approximately 65-85 m2
Huuto IV, also especially for video projections etc, approximately 39 m2. This space is possible to darken.

The Huuto floor plan can be found here.

The exhibition periods are four weeks, including the time for hanging and dismantling of the exhibition.

Exhibition fees are (The fees are at cost price and hence subject to change):
Huuto I: 1200 €, Huuto II: 1200 €, Huuto III: 1200 €, Huuto IV: 800 €
All fees include the printing and posting of invitation cards, email invitations, Huuto newsletter and social media advertising and supervising the exhibition on weekdays. The exhibiting artist takes part in supervising the exhibition on weekends together with the other exhibiting artists. The gallery does not charge any commission on sold works. The fee for Huuto IV also includes a video projector, speakers (or headphones) and a media player.

To apply for an exhibition space send us an informal application which includes a proposal for your show here at Huuto, your updated CV and 5-10 images. If you are applying for a specific gallery space, or several spaces or a specific time slot, please mention this in the application and explain your reasons behind it. The selection panel will make the final decisions looking at the exhibition program as a whole.

Electronic applications, everything on one PDF file, should be sent to:

haku( at )galleriahuuto.net

Latest September 23rd 2019 23.59 Helsinki time.

The maximum size of an email is 4 mb. For larger files you can also send a link to for example Dropbox, where the application is recommended to be as one PDF file.

We accept proposals written in Finnish or English. All applicants will be notified about the decisions as soon as they are made. (Please make sure you check your spam folder regularly as some e-mails might classify some e-mails as spam.)

The selection panel is a group of Galleria Huuto members. Each selection round has a new panel with different members. The selections will be made based on the quality of the individual proposals and also to form a varied exhibition program which fits the group’s vision.

Galleria Huuto

Galleria Huuto is an artist run space for art. The gallery is dependent on the volunteer work of the Huuto artist members. The gallery opened a space in Viiskulma in 2002 which was followed by another space on Uudenmaankatu in 2005, both in the city centre of Helsinki. In 2013 Huuto opened a bigger space in Makasiini L3 in Jätkäsaari and closed down the Viiskulma gallery. In May 2018 the Jätkäsaari gallery was closed down, and in August 2018 Huuto renovated and opened new spaces at Eerikinkatu 36/ Kalevankatu 43.

Galleria Huuto hosts 50-70 exhibitions annually. Huuto has also realised projects, events and visiting exhibitions outside it´s gallery spaces.

In addition to the four exhibition spaces, Galleria Huuto has an event space, which serves as a common living room for artists and visitors and two studio spaces for Huuto member artists.

More information: Henni Oksman, director ( a t ) galleriahuuto.net, t. +358 (0) 400 653 461