• Maarit Nevanperä


The All-Night Garage

Uudenmaankatu 7.12.-18.12.2005

Maarit Nevanperä
The All-Night Garage
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

:::: An excerpt from a phone conversation with my sister, September 2005

– Well, do you have any idea what he looks like now?
– It’s been several years, but back then he looked like he always had.
– Long hair, with a blond stripe? You know the kind girlfriends do for
you when they’re dyeing their own hair at home?
– Well, yeah, that sort of thing, I guess… Except he’d started
gaining weight at that point. See, he’d really worked himself into top
shape in prison. He’d practiced that martial art stuff, the kind with
the sticks. I saw him perform at the church, with the sticks, but it
wasn’t really working for him. You know the one where they twirl those
sticks with the chains?
– Yes, I know, whatever. You know I’m pretty sure I saw him over here
in Helsinki. Out of the blue. I think he recognized me, too. At least
he turned and looked at me several times. I just dug up an old photo
and I’m sure it was him.
– Could be. Oh yeah, he’d started using contacts the last time I saw
him in town. So no more Coke bottle glasses. And he always wore cowboy
boots. Always.
– Now he had a pair of glasses. They looked ok, though. It’s possible.
And he wasn’t fat, either. I should’ve recognized him, but I always
figured he’d be one of those guys that looks really rough at that age.
I mean, I figured he might be dead by now. But he looked surprisingly
human, pretty sharp. His eyes were all bright. And he wasn’t wearing

I’m showing some drawings and paintings at my exhibition. It is the
first part of my final thesis as I work towards my Master of Fine Arts
degree at the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki. Part two will be shown
next spring at the Academy’s group show.
You’re welcome to come and take a peek.

Yours sincerely,
Maarit Nevanperä
040-735 4721