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Kaisa Eriksson (os. Kontio)


Uudenmaankatu 16.11.-4.12.2011

Kaisa Eriksson (os. Kontio)
The Human Garden
16.11. – 4.12.2011
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

In our attempt to understand the world and ourselves, we have ended up organizing, categorizing and naming everything around us. I am especially interested in this human aim in terms of the relationship between humans and nature.

For me drawing is a quick and simple way to grasp a theme. The basis for most of the works in the exhibition is a quick charcoal drawing that I have taken further by scanning and working with the picture in a digital form. The drawings turn into pigment prints where I often also include
photographs. When considering the division between a drawing and digital material, I have also thought about the artificial dividing line between humans and nature.

The Shadow of a human series is based on old silhouettes from which I picked sections connected with the relationship between humans and nature. I have attached pictures from anatomy textbooks to the material and cut new versions of the paper clippings.

Kaisa Eriksson (née Kontio) graduated in printmaking from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2009 and from the School of Art and Design in 2007. She works with drawings, collages and installations. She lives in the Inkoo archipelago and it was a bit of a cliché that after moving there, nature began to appear in her works. The human garden is Eriksson’s third private exhibition in Helsinki.

The exhibition has been supported by the Arts Council of Finland and the Arts Council of Helsinki Metropolitan Region.

Contact details: erikssonkaisa (at) gmail.com