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Jan Anderzén

The Joyous Current

Uudenmaankatu 10.7.-28.7.2013

The Joyous Current
Jan Anderzén
Galleria Huuto, Uudenmaankatu

The Joyous Current is not chasing the lightness of a feather but that of a bird. The process of tuning the gallery space aims for precise expression, but failure and chance are more than accepted – they shall make the work grow stronger like babies.

The cosmic warriors of the Joyous Current are fighting for the diversity and the endless movement. They feed on the vibrations of our faith and excrete music. Listen to the beast on the quilt and you will wake up with dirt under your fingernails. The sounds oozing out from the music box are debates with the wind. The groove of the work mirrors qualities found in some radical music, the floral reality and African masquerades.

We are all scribes for the universal ghost, recording what she/he dictates – some listen more carefully and some got bananas in their ears. The destiny of a truth is to morph from an absurdity into a worn out dictum with the ecstatic truth making an exception. The ancient Greek sculptures used to be covered in bright colors.

Jan Anderzén is a Tampere based visual artist and an experimental music maker. The roots of his work are in DIY subcultures embracing original creativity and collective action. The Joyous Current is his first solo show in Helsinki.

http://youtu.be/r38J73sWlXo (promovideo)