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Malin Ahlsved

The little grey mouse & To my friends

Uudenmaankatu 8.5.-26.5.2013

Malin Ahlsved
“The little grey mouse” & “To my friends”
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

Welcome to “The little grey mouse”!

Small watercolours which give the viewer a glimpse of the mouses’everyday. Big feelings, budding aspirations and broken dreams. The mouse is nearly like you or I.

Afterword: Installation “To my friends”
In memory of the celebration that did not happen (and to friends who did not come),
To the celebrations that will come… (and to the friends who will come!).

Malin Ahlsved, born 1976 in Jakobstad, lives and works in Ekenäs.

Contact details:
Tel. +35844 322 7774

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