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  • Katoavat ja kauniit
  • Katoavat ja kauniit

Aino Jääskeläinen

The vanishing and the beautiful

Jätkä 2 20.6.-7.7.2013

Aino Jääskeläinen
Galleria Huuto, Jätkäsaari 2
20 June – 7 July 2013

Welcome to my exhibition!

My exhibition consists of graphic art printed on clay as well as monotypes.

We are links in the chain of history. Everyone is important but ephemeral.
What is left of us after we die? Energy, DNA and the memories of our loved ones? A flower growing from the dust?

Vanishing, ephemeral, unique and beautiful, that’s what we are.

My exhibition consists of faces made from clay as well as monotypes of human figures printed on paper. Monotyping is a printmaking technique where an image is painted on a printing plate. Unlike with other techniques, a monotype plate only produces one print. I work intuitively and the works guide my moves, which is what often happens when working with monotypes.

As a printing surface, clay creates surprises and a rough finish. The works are based on a photograph, but the process takes the end result further and further away from the starting point.

Fired clay and works on paper last longer than a human. At the same time they are fragile and easily destroyable, just like a human.

Aino Jääskeläinen is a Helsinki-based artist.

Further information:
+358 (0)40 750 9623

We are closed during Midsummer 21.-24.6.
Normal opening hours from 25.6.2013 onwards.