• Essi Kausalainen



Uudenmaankatu 9.1.-20.1.2008

Essi Kausalainen
Ulkomuistista – By Heart
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

What do I know about the world? At school, I was taught the alphabet and multiplication tables. I memorized the names of seas, rivers, and countries and their capitals. I used the compass to draw circles, and did cross-stitching. Most of what I learnt then has eventually crawled into hiding, and I can’t find it anymore. My memory is leaking. It loses things, adds and deletes details as well as nuances and entities. Every day, my memory offers new suggestions as to what the world is like.

My exhibition Ulkomuistista – By Heart consists of two installations and a drawing, all of which have been created during 2007. In these works, I wonder at the surrounding world. I take a look at nature and everyday items through transformation: by changing your point of view, familiar becomes unfamiliar and vice versa. Drawing turns the sea waves into silent meditation, and the surface of my desk becomes fertile ground.

The works of Ulkomuistista – By Heart are certain kinds of views. They show the world the way I remember it; the way it could be. They show a world that is built of memorized bits of information, rules and regulations, smells, imagination, statistics, secrets, reflections and the touches our skin remembers.

The exhibition has been supported by the Uusimaa regional fund of the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Additional info: Essi Kausalainen, essikausalainen(at)hotmail.com, 040 739 8446.