• Eeva-Maija Priha



Viiskulma 9.7.-20.7.2008

I often return to the same landscape, the same image. The sky lays low over the snow-covered fields. The light comes from below. The distances and proportions of the landscape are easier to see when it’s quiet.

The beauty of a landscape is hidden in its sorrow, writes Ahmed Rasin. I like the way beauty and sorrow meet in a snowy landscape. There are touches of things to come and of transience. I cannot keep, control, or possess the beauty of the snowy fields. The landscape will not remain white forever. A moment knows when it has passed, writes Fernando Pessoa.

My works are attempts to hold on to what cannot be held on to. They are a means of saying goodbye and letting go. The sculptures and the drawings illustrate single moments and elements of the landscape. I do not create an entire landscape or an entire story – my works are references that leave space for the non-verbal and the undefined.

The exhibition has been kindly supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Eeva-Maija Priha