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Ari Pelkonen


Viiskulma 27.6.-8.7.2007

I seem to have come too far. The paths weren‚t this blocked. From now on, it’s a hunt without rules or a destination. I’m easy to track down because I leave tracks. In this forest, the paths have been paved. I am lost in this forest.
My pictures are in pieces and layers, and yet they are whole. The method I use to work on my woodcuts is one in which the plates are destroyed. I break and I carve smooth surfaces on the tracks. I leave the tracks I want to leave. Impatience, striving and sometimes boredom take their toll on my plates. I would like to be fast, but I enjoy carving slowly. As I work further, my plates disappear, and of them, finished works remain as
keepsakes. I have carved everything off; I have to resign and leave something incomplete. There is nothing from which to carry on. Although the plates eventually disappear, I am ready to break more of them. I will carve again and fill the papers with paint.

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