• Sanni Mäkipää & Emma Nurminen: Immen ansa

Emma Nurminen, Sanni Mäkipää

Impi’s Trap


Sanni Mäkipää and Emma Nurminen
Impi’s Trap
29 March – 21 April 2019

On Good Friday 19th of March and on Easter Sunday 21st of April the gallery is open 12-5.pm.
On Easter Monday the gallery is closed as usual.

Sanni Mäkipää and Emma Nurminen’s exhibition Impi’s Trap at Galleria Huuto features a textile sculpture installation of the same name.

The installation is a visual trap, attracting viewers through its materiality. It is the awakening of a swamp in the spring. Impi is a hermit rising from the swamp, labeled as a witch of both seduction and self-denial, and the installation depicts her living environment. It is a quagmire where various temptations grow and it also catches possible intruders.

The techniques that are traditionally seen as feminine handicrafts, rug making and sewing, are given space to expand within the framework of the installation. The installation includes, for example, yarn, mesh and fabric. The materials were chosen by way of avoiding anything new – all textiles and yarns are recycled materials. The different sections created together and individually form an abundant installation with soft and shiny surfaces that one wants to touch.

The exhibition has been supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Arts Council of Pirkanmaa.

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