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  • 4 O'Clock TEAS
  • Maria Kerin and Fiona O'Dwyer giving the Two-year-calender made by Outrider Artists and Vedelik artists to the Irish Embassy Colm Ó Floinn
  • Fiona, Colm and Maria in front of Fiona's exhibition
  • John Grzinich and Evelyn Müürsepp from MoKS, Maria Kerin from Outrider Artists hosting the 4 O'Clock TEAS, Johanna Lonka, Outrider Artist friend, and Sven-Erik Stamberg from Vedelik
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4 O'Clock TEAS, Fiona O'Dwyer

4 O’Clock TEAS lauantaina 10.9.2016


We, Outrider artists and friends, welcome your company at 4 O’Clock TEAS
in Galleria Huuto, on Saturday, 10th Sept at 4pm.

A starting point for conversation could be ”*I forgot the future*”,
echoed in Fiona O’Dwyer’s work on exhibit in Huuto gallery, 10-26th Sept.


Fiona O’Dwyer’s exhibition *I Went Up the Mountain With Someone Else’s Story and Came Down
With My Own* centers around the idea and reality of Human Movement: taking as a starting point,
her connection to her family’s migration and displacement in 1950’s Ireland. Her ideas are articulated
through the works’ performative nature, its relation to place and time, and its materiality.

*”What comes through as a result are echoes of a distant space in time, transposed from real points
on a landscape in which a narrative or sound once existed and was played out.*

*What has become evident however is that I* forgot the future* and so it goes on.”
*O’Dwyer, 2016


*Outrider Artists *came together in County Clare, Ireland, in 2009 around a common wish to be instrumental
in directing and expanding the possibilities of our (individual) art practice and international experience.
To this end, we decided to adopt a loose framework that could work around ideas of friendship, hospitality
and generosity where a value is placed on pooling resources, sharing knowledge and providing peer support
to one another.

We wish to build conversations and exchanges with other artists and curators from around the world who
are motivated by the pleasure and potential of making, sharing and conversations.

Our interactions so far are organised around residences and exhibitions and meeting with MoKS (Estonia),
SERDE, (Latvia), Dr Igor Calzada, (Basque Country), Andri Ksenofontov, Sirp (Estonia), Lemit Kaplinsky,
Tartu Print and Paper Museum (Estonia) and many others to date.

International presentations include;
SALT, Estonia 2011. Liquid/Outrider Zine, Estonia 2012/13.
Group Exhibition, Merriman Summer School Ireland 2012.
Solo exhibition, Tartu Centre for Creative Industries, Estonia.
Solo Exhibition, Gallery Metropol, Tallinn 2013.
Liquid/Outrider+ Group Exhibition, Tallinn 2014.
Friendship Calendars with Vedelik

Outrider Artists have had residencies at MoKS in Estonia and have created work with Evelyn Müürsepp.

We have participated in peer to peer workshops with SERDE and MoKS in The
Future is Domestic! Clare, Ireland 2013.

*The work of Outrider Artists embraces self-organization, chance and shared potentiality ad infinitum.
So we welcome the opportunity to research new models through the process of sharing through the
materiality of embodied creativity with others.*

*4 O’clock TEAS is an extension of our working into wider community interaction through re-appropriation
of domestic as site.*

Outrider Artists in Huuto: Fiona O’Dwyer, Maria Kerin

Outrider friend; documenter, graphic designer and photographer, Michael Walsh


For more information please contact Maria Kerin by email:

Kindly supported by Culture Ireland, Clare Arts Office and The Arts Council of Ireland

Valokuvat Sven-Erik Stamberg ja Fiona O’Dwyer