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Antti Hämäläinen

A Rather Short History

Uudenmaankatu 23.5.-3.6.2007

Antti Hämäläinen
A Rather Short History
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

I have intended to portray Antti Hämäläinen who, like Lasse Viren at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, wins an important race despite falling down. The same Antti Hämäläinen can be seen winning the heated presidential election of 1956, beating the actual winner and his most notable rival fair and square. Instead of the rider statue of Mannerheim, the Marshal of Finland, a statue of Antti Hämäläinen is tranquilly watching skaters perform their flips and slides at the square in front of Kiasma, the museum of modern art.

In the final exhibition, the theme has expanded from toying with a private and personal history towards pondering history and expressions of time in general. The series of works on display is the intellectual attempt of a corporeal human being to portray the time between two points. The time is that between birth and death – death, where the corporeal ends, where a single segment ends but the general timeline goes on.

In the exhibition there are timelines made of magnetic tape, blackboards telling about the history of mankind, and ground plans of houses that are of historical value to Antti Hämäläinen.

The exhibition has been supported by the Arts Council of Helsinki Metropolitan Region

Antti Hämäläinen