Huuto IV

Outi Koivisto

Olhava as seen from the map of Volkhov

Huuto IV 23.7.-15.8.2021 Read more

Huuto IV past exhibitions

Sanni Saari
23 Possible Ends of a Firefly
Huuto IV 25.6.-18.7.2021 Read more
Marjo Levlin
Huuto IV 28.5.-20.6.2021 Read more
Helka Heinonen
The Swirl
Huuto IV 30.4.-23.5.2021 Read more
Michal Czinege
You Were Never Really Here
Huuto IV 2.4.-25.4.2021 Read more
Okku Nuutilainen
Huuto IV 5.3.-28.3.2021 Read more
Eero Yrjölä
Huuto IV 8.1.-31.1.2021 Read more
Enni Vekkeli
Spirit Mother Daughter
Huuto IV 13.11.-18.12.2020 Read more
Veikko Björk
The Horizon
Huuto IV 16.10.-8.11.2020 Read more
Suvi Härkönen
Huuto IV 18.9.-11.10.2020 Read more
Roma Auskalnyte
Abstract landscape
Huuto IV 21.8.-13.9.2020 Read more
Jane Hughes, Taru Kallio
Someone Else’s Stories
Huuto IV 24.7.-16.8.2020 Read more
Sigbjørn Bratlie (NO)
Huuto IV 26.6.-19.7.2020 Read more
Linda Roschier Galleri 54, Kari Yli-Annala, Kari Yli-Annala, Linda Roschier, Paula Puoskari
Welcome, we open Huuto again on the 2nd of June 2020!
Huuto I Read more
Kari Yli-Annala, Y Y Huuto IV 6.3.-18.6.2020 Read more
Lilli Haapala
Expeditions (to places that don’t exist)
Huuto IV 7.2.-1.3.2020 Read more
Pinja Valja: To make a film just to meet Vera Pinja Valja
To make a film just to meet Vera
Huuto IV 10.1.-2.2.2020 Read more
Ewa Górzna & Katarzyna Miron Ewa Górzna, Katarzyna Miron
From a distance
Huuto IV 7.12.-29.12.2019 Read more
Sandra Schneider
[ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ]
Huuto IV 8.11.-1.12.2019 Read more
Jenni Kokkomäki: We rise at eight Jenni Kokkomäki
We rise at eight
Huuto IV 11.10.-3.11.2019 Read more
Mikko Haiko: still from the video work Valmet. The Manual of Hope and Despair (2018) Mikko Haiko
The Meadow
Huuto IV 13.9.-6.10.2019 Read more
Johanna Lonka: The Ratband Johanna Lonka
The Ratband
Huuto IV 16.8.-8.9.2019 Read more
Tuukka Haapakorpi
Huuto IV 19.7.-11.8.2019 Read more
Tuomo Savolainen
Huuto IV 21.6.-14.7.2019 Read more
Riikka Gröndahl
Absent Referent
Huuto IV 24.5.-16.6.2019 Read more
In the Middle of Nothing
Huuto IV 26.4.-19.5.2019 Read more
Emma Nurminen, Sanni Mäkipää
Impi’s Trap
Huuto IV 29.3.-21.4.2019 Read more
Laura Rämö
Huuto IV 1.3.-24.3.2019 Read more
Emilia Ukkonen
Ned’s story
Huuto IV 1.2.-24.2.2019 Read more
Anna Seppälä
A special daily life
Huuto IV 5.1.-27.1.2019 Read more
Paula Tella
Gender studies
Huuto IV 23.11.-16.12.2018 Read more
Simo Saarikoski
Abandoned Land II
Huuto IV 26.10.-18.11.2018 Read more
Elina Strandberg
Sculptures of grass
Huuto IV Huuto IV 28.9.-21.10.2018 Read more