• SOFT_SPOT_net2
  • SOFT SPOT, Hans-Peter Schütt, Photo Hans-Peter Schütt
  • SOFT SPOT, Laura Pakarinen, Photo Hans-Peter Schütt
  • SOFT SPOT, Photo Siiri Pohjolainen

S o f t S p o t

Huuto IV 22.4.-6.5.2023



A tender exhibition
Room for gentleness, for sensitivity
An entity built with care. Soft

In connection with the exhibition, Galleria Huuto will present its principles for a safer space. Respect everyone’s experience of art.


In May, Galleria Huuto will participate in the SUPERMARKET – Stockholm Independent Art Fair, which is intended for artist-run initiatives. We have decided to create a version of the Supermarket plan S o f t S p o t for the new Huuto premises in Kalasatama. This year, Huuto will be represented in Stockholm by Juliana Hyrri, Kaarina Ormio, Laura Pakarinen, Siiri Pohjolainen, Hans-Peter Schütt and Eero Yrjölä.

The exhibition will be closed a day earlier than our other exhibition Huh-huh!, so that we will have enough time to take it to Stockholm. The last day of the S o f t S p o t exhibition at Galleria Huuto is Saturday 6 May.

Thank you
Galleria Huuto’s participation in the Supermarket 2023 is supported by Kulturfonden för Sverige och Finland and Finnish Institute in Stockholm.