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Anna-Sofia Nylund

Craving Earth


Anna-Sofia Nylund
Craving Earth
14 October–6 November 2022

It’s spring and the last ice has just melted. I stand by the swamp while my gaze transforms the surroundings into a paradise. What I’m looking at is painfully beautiful. I get a feeling of wanting to penetrate the landscape. I want to capture the striking beauty in a small glass jar. My heart is pounding anxiously. Is there nothing more?

The filmmaker and visual artist Anna-Sofia Nylund has recently worked with themes such as nature, spirituality and sexuality. In the essay film Craving Earth, she tries to explain the indescribable feeling one can have towards nature and its beauty. She starts making daily excursions in the forest to get closer to the subject. Her experiences raise questions about different approaches to nature. What makes you want “more of nature”? Is it possible to describe an experience of nature through eroticism? Is there such a thing as the inner essence of nature?

The film uses digital images and 16 mm digitized black and white film.

Thank you
The film is sponsored by Taike (in the form of a work grant) and the Föreningen Konstsamfundet (in the form of a project grant).

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