• Helka Heinonen, The Swirl
  • Helka Heinonen, The Swirl, 2021, still.  Inari Pentikäinen in the picture
  • Helka Heinonen, The Swirl, 2021, still
  • Helka Heinonen, The Swirl, 2021, still

Helka Heinonen

The Swirl

Huuto IV 30.4.-23.5.2021

Helka Heinonen
The Swirl

Galleria Huuto is open on May Day (1st of May) from 12-5pm, welcome!
Please enter from the inner yard side: Kalevankatu 43.

The artist is present 15.–16.5. klo 12–17.

The duration of the video work is 23 minutes. It begins at:
12:05 / ­ 12:30 / 12:55
13:20 / 13:45
14:10 / 14:35
15:00 / 15:25 / 15:50
16:15 / 16:40 (→ 17:05)

At the end of the school year, a 12-year-old girl gets an exceptional gift from her teacher, a trip up north. As an adult, she re-examines her experience. The work examines a complex experience and telling it as a story. The narrative is overlapping, taking place at two different time levels.

The Swirl is a fictitious media art work that combines moving images with a stop motion animation created using watercolors and still images. The work was written, directed and animated by Helka Heinonen. The actors are Saara Kotkaniemi, Rauha Luhtala, Inari Pentikäinen, Rea-Liina Brunou and Paju Brunou. The music was composed by Lau Nau. Jyri Pirinen was in charge of sound design and Jesse Jalonen was responsible for filming.

The work has been supported by AVEK (the Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture) and the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Helka Heinonen (b. 1982) is a Helsinki-based media artist and writer. She has completed the study program in arts at Art School Maa. In addition, she has a Master of Arts (Education) degree from the University of Helsinki, where her studies also included art studies. The Swirl is Heinonen’s first private gallery exhibition.

I am sitting in the back seat, looking at the lights passing by, the dark edges of forests.
Oh, why did I not correct them and say that we are friends? The tent fabric is rustling in the wind, I am eating breakfast by the campfire.
Later something has changed. I will save the notebook, but I will hide it.
Between the pages, there is a colored pencil drawing of a swirl.

Further information:
Helka Heinonen
helka.heinonen (at) gmail (dot) com