• Sanne Nies: Dag’s bouquet, 60-30 cm, 2019
  • Sanne Nies: The visitor 2022 180-130 cm
  • Sanne Nies in front of painting Eruption, 180-130 cm,  2022, photo Ferran Huijsmans
  • Sanne Nies: japanese day
  • Sanne Nies: eruption
  • Sanne Nies: bloodlily, blood lily ,130-180 cm
  • Sanne Nies: a butterfly day, 18-24 cm, 2021, photo Peter Cox

Sanne Nies

humming, buzzing and blooming

Huuto IV 19.8.-11.9.2022

Sanne Nies
humming, buzzing and blooming

Meet the artist on Saturday or Sunday 20-21 August at noon to 5pm.

Sanne Nies, a painter from the Netherlands, will exhibit at Galleria Huuto in Helsinki from 19 August to 11 September 2022.

“An important inspirational source for her visual arts is the garden. Sanne Nies lives in an idyllic surrounding, right in Eindhoven town center… She has turned the garden into one single singing huge paradise. Nature flourishes here; there is so much humming, buzzing and blooming that you do not even notice the bustling city.

It makes me think of the ‘Hortus Conclusus’, a concept that dates back to the Middle Ages and serves as a metaphor for the heavenly walled garden which contains all the elements that make life pleasant and responds to a fundamental urge for introspection…

From an art historical point of view, Sanne works in the tradition of Lyrical Abstraction. To the artists from this period, it is the gesture that is important; the painting is an area of experience whereby the inner movements of the psyche are captured on the canvas in lines and color fields.”

[Anneke van Eeuwijk, art historian in “Poetry of an English garden”, 2017]

In her home, she is surrounded by African art which has inspired so many artists before her. All this together, the house, the garden, the studio, art from other cultures, life itself is a constant inspiration for her painting. Her favorite format is 180×130 cm that makes her free to create a world and not only an image, to let the paint tell the story. At Galleria Huuto, she will show some of these paintings, such as ‘Blood lily’, ‘The visitor’ and ‘Eruption’.

Instagram: sannenies

Sponsors: Kunstloc Brabant and BrabantStad

The exhibition is a result of a Galleria Huuto project, The Great Wheel of Fortune, where the main price at Supermartet art fair in Stockholm was an exhibition time in Galleria Huuto.