• Lau Rämö: Anima, still

Lau Rämö


Huuto IV 20.6.-14.7.2024

Lau Rämö
20 June–14 July 2024

Closed on Midsummer Eve and Midsummer Day 21 and 22 June.

The perspective of the video work is that of a primate that empathizes with and imagines what they see. They explore life that takes shape in relation to other living organisms, the environment and the past. The views come closer and go under the skin.

The Latin term anima means the animating principle, breath or spirit. In this work, anima refers to everything that is alive or sustains life – a peculiar transformation, tentacles, breathing, the grasp of paws, camouflage, the seabed, empathy, photosynthesis, birdsong, sunlight and hair.

Combining stop motion animation, archival materials and video, the associative single-channel video work simultaneously contains a sense of distance and physical presence. Stop motion lies somewhere between inanimate and animate. It is, therefore, always a way of participating in the shared illusion of life. The work originates from the apocalyptic, crisis-filled present and a need for pausing, shared sorrow and a deeper examination of life. The methods include looking closer, more carefully, changing perspectives, zooming out and staying curious.

Anima is flowing, collage-like, soft and hard material. It is porous and life’s diversity permeating everything.

Lau Rämö is a Helsinki-based media artist. Their animations often combine soft and reused materials and themes related to the shared experience of being a being. Rämö graduated with a Master of Arts degree from Aalto University in 2020 and has been working as a photographic, installation and video artist since 2015.

The artist’s work has been supported by the Kone Foundation and the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

The music for the work was composed by Martin Jäger.

Thank you
Minkki Nurmi, Martin Jäger, Riitta Rämö and friends

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