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Artist Collective Kunst

Huuto IV 26.10.-19.11.2023

Artist Collective Kunst

To a Member of the Natural World

Today I want to pay tribute and give encouragement to you, a member of the natural world. You are easily overshadowed by larger and more visible creatures.
You are important. You have a unique role in the ecosystem. You teach us about the importance of cycles and rebirth. We should remember the past and learn from it. You are an example of silent power and adaptability. You grow on the ground and do not reach for the sun. You are a reminder that success comes in many ways.
Your symbiotic relationships show us that by working together we can achieve bigger goals. Your silent impact and modesty inspire us to be better and respect the environment. You are a symbol of persistence, adaptability and hidden beauty that can be found even in the darkest corners of our planet.
Thank you, fungus, keep shining.

The work is a laboratory that tests the survivability and reproduction of multicellular species under controlled growth conditions. It is also Artist Collective Kunst’s attempt to solve global problems by pataphysical means.

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Artist Collective Kunst is a collaborative unit that organizes multidisciplinary and performative exhibitions and interventions. Kunst is an interactive and creative organ whose collaborative works do not emphasize an individual artist. The collective received the Uusimaa Art Prize in 2018.

Artist Collective Kunst: Christina Holmlund, Pia Paldanius, Sirpa Päivinen, Anu Suhonen and Julia Weckman

Thank you
In collaboration with Helsieni. The exhibition has been supported by Svenska kulturfonden, Konstsamfundet and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

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