• Jenni Kokkomäki: We rise at eight
  • Jenni Kokkomäki: We rise at eight

Jenni Kokkomäki

We rise at eight

Huuto IV 11.10.-3.11.2019

Jenni Kokkomäki
We rise at eight

We were created by the Hittimittari revolution. We drink blood and blue angels. Volcanoes erupt when we blow our big whistles.

Make every moment count. Maximize everything, results, impact, abilities, work and free time, use of space, concentration, bodies, pleasure, success, selfhood, meaning and bonuses. Look at all these beautiful, highly educated people. Feel this mimetic pleasure, we rock, we walk the streets at night heading toward fulfillment like ninjas in silk jackets. When you don’t have what it takes, be active, eat well and do the things you enjoy every day and soon you’ll be back in action. Don’t stop when you are tired, stop when you are done.

A tension builds between the ideal and the social reality. Ah, interest-subjects, permeated by late capitalist logic, make their own choices, produce their own abilities and lives. The individual has conquered all obstacles, faux-freedom is a dream of new balcony furnitures and doctoral degrees. Show me a position that makes all eyes turn to me, and I’ll take it. I feel better when I am a certain way, but I would very much want to be even more that way.

The path is clear, now take it. No excuses. Make your life a masterpiece.

Videos: Jenni Kokkomäki
Music: Miro Mantere
Performers: Akseli Aittomäki, Ida Backer, Alena Dittrichová, Suvi Hänninen, Hanna Iitti, Timo Jokitalo, Jenni Kokkomäki, Aarni Korpela, Jonna Lehto, Miro Mantere, Minja Mertanen, Teemu Päivinen and Juha Sääski
Butoh instructor: Minja Mertanen
In addition to Kokkomäki, the videos were filmed by Jonna Lehto and Teemu Päivinen.
Höyhentämö – Pluckhouse took part in the production of the video.
I also wish to thank the Other Spaces collective and Performance Center Eskus.

With kind support from AVEK and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.