• Hanna Hovitie: Square the Circle, still 1
  • Hanna Hovitie: Square the Circle, still 2
  • Hanna Hovitie: Square the Circle, still 3

Hanna Hovitie
Square the Circle (Or How to Be a Circle in a World of Squares)
22 July–13 August 2022

Square the Circle (Or How to Be a Circle in a World of Squares) is a circular video installation that combines 360 video with digital animation. It depicts one person’s efforts to find their place on earth. By diving into the various dimensions of a circle, the work examines how the characteristics of this simple shape can at the same time explain the entire universe and the nature of an individual person. Through both its content and shape, the circular work challenges the traditional angular frames of moving images, whether it be a screen or all those boxes in which we humans are.

The saying “to square the circle” has its roots in the classical challenge of constructing a square with the area of a specific circle. The task of squaring the circle geometrically has been proven impossible and, for this reason, the saying also refers to attempting something impossible. The work reflects on the impossibilities of life – understanding infinity, creating a perfect circle, accepting the passing of time and finding one’s place.
Being a circle in a world of squares.

Hanna Hovitie (b. 1991) is a Helsinki-based film director and artist whose works examine
the mythical and fantastic dimensions of everyday life and reality. Her works have been
shown and have won awards at several international film festivals, such as DOK Leipzig,
Sheffield Doc/Fest and Melbourne International Film Festival.

Directed, written, filmed and edited by Hanna Hovitie
Sound design and editing: Roope Mantere
Animation: Eesu Lehtola
Producer: Laura Kangasniemi
Installation: Kristian Palmu

The work has been supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, AVEK (the
Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture) and the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

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