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Viiskulma 26.11.-7.12.2008

”there is a crack, a crack in everything, that´s how the light gets in”
Leonard Cohen: Anthem

A kind of a travel account, spiritual and carnal
Traveling in this world and inner travel exist within each other
A journey in the light. A song in the light.
The journey goes on towards the light,
the light is always there.
In the body of this woman
the journey is a metamorphosis
The spirit and the light penetrate the body
This song is painful, too,
and sometimes a furious roar

Twisting inwards
opening, opening, opening up

as a tree, as the soil, as the water; as a woman, as the light, as the wind

subordinate to changes at a changing moment

something new wants to be born I mold the clay, call it forth I sing, I hum the existence is breathing and dancing

A song made of clay not one of those chronological stories

The works in this exhibition are unfired clay figures combined with different kinds of natural materials, all created on a three-year time scale. The figures have been born in several places during this journey called life, such as on a mountain and in a valley in Switzerland; in a barn in the south-western Finnish town of Parainen; and all around Helsinki: on the island of Harakka just off the coast; in Herttoniemi, an eastern district; and in Arabia, just about downtown.

Contacts: Elli Terho, Hämeentie 130E, 00560 Helsinki, +358440762302, elliterho(at)gmail.com