• Kynnys - Die Schwelle
  • Kynnys - Die Schwelle
  • Kynnys - Die Schwelle

Tuomo Rainio & Dagmar Weiss

AAARGH! – 10 vuotta myöhemmin, ryhmänäyttely



AAARGH! – 10 vuotta myöhemmin
Galleria Huudon kymmenvuotisjuhlanäyttely
Jätkäsaaren Makasiini L3, 2. ja 4. krs
Tyynenmerenkatu 6 (ent. Hietasaarenkuja 6), Helsinki

Tuomo Rainio
puinen kaappi (maalattu), valokaappi, pigmentti vedos, fosforoiva levy
45cm x 30,5cm x 20,5cm

Tuomo Rainio & Dagmar Weiss
Kynnys – Die Schwelle
digitaalinen video, mustavalkoinen
8′ 46”
Äänisuunnittelu: Tatu Virtamo

Nainen: Aino-Maija Tikkanen
Mies: Kullervo Rainio

The short film Kynnys-Die Schwelle has two main characters, an old man and an old woman. Throughout the film they are moving around in what appears to be the same space, but nevertheless they seem to exist in totally different spheres. Their connection does not completely unveil, but especially the woman seems to be searching for the man. It becomes evident, that they interact in a way and somehow sense each others presence, even though the man’s ghost-like appearances raises the question wether he is present at all: he might as well be something else than a real person, merely an illusion, a memory, or a manifestation of a some sort of longing or need. While the man’s actions are more precise and directed, the womans distracted search is rather aimless, she is lost not only in the actual space -the interior that is the setting for the story line-, but also in her mind, when she suddenly finds herself in the same situation she has experienced just a moment ago. Also the scenery itself is not only presenting an old couple’s apartment. It is impossible to figure out an exact number of rooms, since it might as well be that one of them changes
all the time. The same elements, a window, doors, and certain furniture reappear in different order, or simply disappear, and sometimes leave the women in an empty, dream-like setting, where her random search becomes absolute since everything seems to be missing. The appearance of the man is at times presenting the setting yet more alienated. What can be seen are not the rooms how one would perceive them but only the change that happened or movement going on. The two characters are circling each other: their wandering around culminates in situations, where they come closer and are almost about to meet, but their search does not resolve, the circles widen again and also the whole film ends with the same shot it started with.