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Maija Blåfield

AAARGH! – 10 Years Later, group exhibition


AAARGH! – 10 years later
Galleria Huuto 10th anniversary exhibition
Jätkäsaari Makasiini L3, 2nd and 4th floor
Tyynenmerenkatu 6, Helsinki

Maija Blåfield

GOLDEN AGE (edit 3)
video installation
HD video 1080p
Xx min.

Recording, forgetting and storytelling are the starting points for Golden Age.
It is based on video material recorded over fifteen years. The material is simultaneously a relic, waste, a treasure and a burden, and in most cases it tells about something completely different than what the original intention was. Golden Age continues and changes with new scnenes on its every installation, creating a series of works.
This is the third edition.