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Anu Haapanen

Huuto III 17.9.-10.10.2021

Anu Haapanen
Liminal Gardens

The drawings featured in the exhibition have been created over time as pictorial records of the past years, one element at a time forming layered arrangements and landscapes, depictions of memories and coincidences, symbolic gardens of life and death.
The series of vanitas drawings explores themes related to the transience of life, using elements from the historical vanitas image type, freely borrowing from, simplifying and modifying its motifs and rich imagery.
In addition to vanitas paintings, the drawings have been influenced by the Chinese ink painting tradition, prominent symbolist works and comics. In the exhibition space, the world of the charcoal drawings extends beyond the paper as three-dimensional installations and objects and as transitory drawings created on the wall.

The exhibition has been supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Kauno ry.