• Anna Niskanen: Underwater cave, 2019. Bikromaattivedos paperille, 58x75cm.
  • Anna Niskanen, Underwater cave 2019. Gum bichromate on paper, 58x75cm
  • Anna Niskanen, Ebb, 2019. Six toned cyanotypes on paper, 117x161cm, framed
  • Anna Niskanen, Big Shell
  • Anna Niskanen, AquaLoud
  • Anna Niskanen, Aqua Loud
  • Anna Niskanen, AquaLoud
  • Anna Niskanen, AquaLoud
  • Anna Niskanen, Archive, 2019. Cyanotype on cotton, 31x48cm
  • Anna Niskanen, AquaLoud
  • Anna Niskanen, AquaLoud
  • Anna Niskanen, AquaLoud
  • Anna Niskanen, Zelda, 2019. Cyanotype on paper, 60x60cm

Anna Niskanen

Aqua Loud

Huuto II 13.9.-6.10.2019

Anna Niskanen
Aqua Loud
13.9. – 6.10.2019

Aqua Loud is a study on formations of water and scenery; a celebration of
nature. Niskanen’s solo exhibition depicts underwater caves, marine life
and the immense power of water. It illustrates volatile time by creating
falsified documentation of changing ocean.

The works form an itinerant narrative of memories of place and landscape by
using traditional methods of photography and printmaking. The prints are
based on photographs taken during an artist residency in Iceland. They are
montaged from digital images, inkjet printed on transparency and finally
exposed as contact prints in UV light. The unique prints feign photographs.

Adopting a role of silent observer and explorer, Niskanen has taken direct
contact with nature in her new works. Photography and printmaking act as
instruments in reproducing natural traces. However, these traces are
falsified, as most of the works are collaged from digital material. Instead
of retelling about nature, they become arrangements based on memories.

Anna Niskanen (b.1990) is a Helsinki based visual artist, and a graduate of
Aalto University’s department of photography. She examines definitions of
photography through a print based framework. In recent years she has
exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Finland, Iceland, and Russia.
Niskanen is a board member of Photographic Artists’ Association and a
founding member of Kosminen art space.

The exhibition is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and VISEK.