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Mari Leskinen


Uudenmaankatu 27.6.-8.7.2007

Mari Leskinen
Aurinkotuuli (Solar Wind)
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

Aurinkotuuli (solar wind) is a painting exhibition from a place deeper and timeless, where the Aurinkotuuli forever blows.
For me, the essential dwellings of the Aurinkotuuli are Raisa Kaipainens courses of Inner Dance, and Villa Taika, the combined home and course center of Raisa Kaipainen and Torsten Ruger. The Aurinkotuuli, blowing into my life at Raisas dance class, is what all my paintings are created
from.The Aurinkotuuli, the deepest and most real flow of life, takes away the unneccessary.The Aurinkotuuli is here.

In the exhibition, there are colourful oils that have slowly, layer by layer, been painted on fabric, as well as Aurinkokehrä, a watercolour and collage series done on paper. The starting impulse of my practise is a movement of inner life, and every painting has a story of its own.


more information: Mari Leskinen 050 358 9461