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Linda Granfors

Betelgeuse & company

Uudenmaankatu 19.6.-7.7.2013

Betelgeuse & company
Linda Granfors
Galleria Huuto, Uudenmaankatu

The exhibition is about an encounter. I wanted to bring guests to the
gallery from near and far and arrange a little gettogether. I thought that
time, distances and realities wouldn’t matter. The important thing would be
in being together and sharing the moment. I hoped that it would be like a
look, a touch or a breath. Or simly just Hey You! Welcome!

Betelgeuse is a a red supergiant in the constellation of Orion. It is
several hundred times bigger than the Sun and is one of the most luminous
stars in the sky. Betelgeuse is in the end of its life cycle and might
explode as the brightest supernova ever known to mankind.


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