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Laura Lilja


Jätkä 2 2.1.-17.1.2016

Laura Lilja
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari, Jätkä 2

BLACK is the darkest of colors, it is the absence of all colors of light but also an exhaustive combination of several pigments. It is an achromatic color, a color without color or hue. Black is often associated with death and mourning but also power and strength. Black is a color by which all others are clarified and defined.

A FLAG is a symbol of a country, organization, community or other group.

Laura Lilja (b. 1975) explores in her art the significance of materials and social power structures.

The exhibition has been supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

On Epiphany the 6th of January the gallery is open.

Further information:
Tel. +358 44 291 9119