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Marina Ciglar

cntrlbx (ooo)

Uudenmaankatu 12.12.-23.12.2007

Marina Ciglar
Cntrlbx (ooo)
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

*cntrl (ooo)* Everything can happen. It has already happened. It happens all the time.
An installation in several parts about control, surveillance, shelter and exposure.

Is order transferred through agreements on categorization, sorting, selection, inclusion/exclusion, distribution of personal numbers, id-cards and passports? Does this happen by means of special educated security police, military, watchmen, probation officers, boundary guards, night watchmen, teachers, mass media, church, ethics, moral, citizens, neighbours, colleagues, acquaintance, friends, lovers, family, parents and children? Bodyguards? How is the encounter performed? Are we each others subjects and/or objects? Where are the limits? Of what significance is the direction of a human being in the matter of creating sense and sentence? How can we conduct one selves?

Thank You! directed to Anders and Ranka Fransén, Tarmo Halme, Tapio Tuominen, all my nearest friends and Svenska Kulturfonden.

Marina Ciglar