• Kati Roover, Box (videostill teoksesta Coexistence, kuvaaja: Kati Roover)
  • Kati Roover, Anaconda (videostill teoksesta Coexistence, kuvaaja: Kati Roover)
  • Kati Roover, Fragment (videostill teoksesta Breath, kuvaaja: Kati Roover)
  • Kati Roover, videostill teoksesta Breath, kuvaaja: Kati Roover
  • Kati Roover, videostill teoksesta Cut, kuvaaja: Kati Roover

Kati Roover


Pikkujätkä 5.5.-27.5.2018

Kati Roover
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari, Pikkujätkä
5–27 May 2018

Galleria Huuto is open also on Ascension Day Thursday 10th May 2018, welcome!

“A plant scientist once told me that plants answer questions by the way they live, by their responses to change. I just need to learn how to ask. These beings are always in a state of becoming. They survive on this planet better than I do. I can’t eat the sunlight. They seem to say to me that they are still here, existing. Coexisting. I live my life through their photosynthesis. I only am because they are.”
Extract from the video Coexistence

Coexistence is an installation that consists of three videos which examine different scientific and artistic perspectives on the central role of trees and plants in shaping human cultures. With their nature and slowness they remind us that behind the human world run by power relations there is another world, one based on earth, roots, sole existence, breathing and survival. The videos – Coexistence, Breath and Cut – were shot in special places, in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, in the Andaman archipelago in India as well as in Finnish and Swedish commercial forests.

Kati Roover lives and works in Helsinki. Her works are often based on different ways of forming knowledge as well as the fleeting concept of a place in the midst of massive environmental changes. Roover’s interests include natural sciences, anthropology and documentary essay films. She mainly works with videos, photography, sound and installations. Roover received her Master of Fine Arts degree from the Academy of Fine Arts (University of the Arts Helsinki) in 2016.

The exhibition has been supported by the Kone Foundation, Paulo Foundation and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

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