• Rannikkoreitti/ Coastal route 2017, pastelliliitu ja öljy kankaalle, 195x215
  • Outre-mer 2017, pastelliliitu ja öljy kankaalle, 200x150
  • Vaaleanvihreä ajatus/ Light green thought 2017, öljy ja pastelliliitu kankaalle, 210x191
  • Metsäunelmia /Forest dreams, 2018, 40x40, vesiväri, tussi ja öljyväri kankaalle

Maija Lassila

Continent of Colours

Jätkä 1 10.2.-4.3.2018

Maija Lassila
Continent of Colours
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari – Jätkä 1
10.2.- 4.3.2018

The starting point for my exhibition has been the typical western way of surveying the world. We try to make calculations and measurements to figure out where we are and to be in control of the environment. Based on this observation, I have set off towards my own way of surveying, in which intuition and inexplicability also play a major role. I have painted maps and views which allow me to navigate. They are parallel realities on the continent of colours and signs.

Continent of Colours is Maija Lassila’s first large solo exhibition. Over the past year, her works have been on display at the Kuvan kevät exhibition, Ivsa17 in Montréal, Finland’s Artists’ Union’s annual exhibition at the Riihimäki Art Museum, Alariesto Gallery in Sodankylä and the Academy of Fine Arts gallery Project Room in Helsinki. This spring, Lassila will complete her Master of Fine Arts studies in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Finland’s Art Society has supported the exhibition.


Maija Lassila
mob. 050 467 16 35