• Merja Hannikainen: Desirable Movement

Merja Hannikainen

Desirable Movement

Jätkä 2 20.8.-4.9.2016

Merja Hannikainen
Desirable Movement
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari, Jätkä 2

Videoinstallation, text-based works

Desirable Movement

“How do you throw a brick through the window of a bank if you can’t get out of bed?”
Johanna Hedva, Sick Woman Theory

A public demonstration requires participants that can get out of bed. Such participation isn’t an act all can afford. Some protests, and experiences that do matter politically, take therefore place elsewhere, in private.

The installation consist of a two-channel video work and texts that deal with the topic. The target of the protest – the enemy – is encountered in a text based on Jean Genet’s writings.

The performers of the video work are dancers and choreographers Noha Ramadan ja Zoë Knights.

Information and press images: Merja Hannikainen +358 50 5659469 / +49 1577 9387933 merja.hannikainen(at)gmail.com

Merja Hannikainen’s work has been supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.