• Elli Terho, Laulu rakkaudesta, Galleria Huuto
  • Elli Terho: El Corazon Azul (Puhuit minulle rakkaudesta)
  • Elli Terho: Sammallammas (Suojelupyhimys)
  • Elli Terho: Vertebral Circle
  • Elli Terho, Laulu rakkaudesta, yleisnäkymä
  • Elli Terho, Särkyneiden sydänten puutarha


A Song About Love

Huuto III 8.1.-31.1.2021

Elli Terho
A Song About Love
8 – 31 January 2021

Out of something painful emerged a note. The notes formed an intertwined entity. A song about life, a song about love. I breathe through all the pain, I breathe through what is broken. I breathe the light, I breathe the dark. Life is, in all this. In death, in birth. Love is something that penetrates everything.
I am. In all this.

I want to dedicate the exhibition to my father who died November 3, 2020. I showed him a few pictures of the works from the exhibition to come ten days before he died. The moment was one of the most touching between us.

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