• Supermarket 2021 Galleria Huuto's box
  • Supermarket 2021, building the exhibition
  • Supermarket 2021, in Galleria Huuto's box: Kirsti Tuokko (left), Kaarina Haka and Miia Rinne

Kaarina Haka, Kirsti Tuokko, Miia Rinne

Galleria Huuto at Supermarket art fair in Stockholm 14.-17.10.2021


Supermarket 2021
15th Stockholm Independent Art Fair
14-17 October 2021

Galleria Huuto participated SUPERMARKET – Stockholm Independent Art Fair, an international art fair for artist-run initiatives.
Huuto was represented at the fair by Kaarina Haka, Miia Rinne and Kirsti Tuokko, who had their shows in Galleria Huuto in February 2021. Together they planned an installation in which material and immaterial worlds are present at the same time and as equals.

Kaarina Haka experiments with organza and tulle. The materials find their form through trying and often by chance. Haka focuses more on the work as a whole rather than on specific details and wants to maintain a feeling of incompleteness and unfinishedness.
Miia Rinne shows New Worm. It is the 6th part of her long-term work, in which she combines painted film and video fragments (2008-2021). In New Worm, things merge, collide, and infiltrate.
Kirsti Tuokko paints outfits and posing. She paints the way we present ourselves. Her figures are from fashion magazines, streets and cafés. Each figure also includes something of herself.

The Finnish Cultural Foundation supported Huutos participation.