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Markus Tuormaa


Uudenmaankatu 1.4.-19.4.2009

Markus Tuormaa
1.4. – 19.4.2009
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

My exhibition at Galleria Huuto includes conversations, memories, and stories that I have dressed into hair.

My installation “Kampaamo” (Hairdresser’s) is a workshop with everything that is needed for dressing memories into hair. There are pictures of hairstyles and stories related to them on the walls.

Hairstyles often resemble paintings of landscapes and this is why my salon is like an artist’s work space. The comb and the hairbrush are the paintbrushes of my atelier. A model takes a seat, and I will work a portrait into their hair. Our conversation is the basis for the picture. This makes these hairstyles landscapes as well as portraits. Whether they are pictures is questionable since the model, the theme, and the work are but one.

The hairdresser’s is open during the exhibition. If they wish, visitors may get a hairdo which will then be presented, as pictures, in the exhibition.

The video work “Maisema” (Landscape) is about the creation of an image of a landscape. The landscape is in constant change – change of the earth’s surface, growth of trees and hair, and the different memories of two people.

Markus Tuormaa (formerly Perälä)
+35840 7732817

The exhibition has been kindly supported by:
The Finnish Cultural Foundation
University of Art and Design Helsinki