• Huuto Alphabet

Find the Huuto Alphabet collection here: www.galleriahuuto.net/alphabet

There are 29 letters in the Finnish Alphabet.

Huuto Alphabet is a collection of artworks and a group show from 29 artists, all members of the artist-run-space Galleria Huuto. The works are set in alphabetical order according to their titles, thus together they form a kind of alphabet with varied media.

All the artists contributing to this series of works were found via an open call to the members of the gallery, and they were selected in the order in which they applied. No separate judging or curatorial means were used. The media and style they used was volitional. The only limitation was the size: the works should not be larger than 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm. Huuto Alphabet represents the variety of contemporary art media: photography, painting, sculpture, mixed media, drawing, text, video. Some of the works were made especially for this series, whereas some of the artists suggested already completed works.

The idea for the Huuto Alphabet was born out of wondering how to show works from several artists at the Supermarket Alternative Art Fair 2013 in Stockholm in February 2013. Galleria Huuto was celebrating its 10th anniversary and in relation to that wanted to showcase more than just one or two artists in Stockholm. The thematic structure as well as the small size of the works made it possible to exhibit a large, yet approachable group show at the fair.

Additionally, we wanted the series to live on after and outside of the fair and therefore we decided to publish a website presenting the Huuto Alphabet.

I wish you rewarding studies,

Marja Viitahuhta (coordinator and generator of the Huuto Alphabet)